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Top Questions To Ask Before Buying A Used Car

As the second largest purchase most of us will make in our lifetimes, buying a vehicle is a big deal! However, if you’re in the market for a high-quality used vehicle, the experts at Active Auto Sales can help guide you to the best solution. We’ve helped countless used car shoppers find the best vehicle for their needs. In the process, here are a few of the top questions you should ask yourself before buying a used car.

Should I Purchase a Used Car Warranty?
In many instances, newer used vehicles will have some portion of the manufacturer's original warranty remaining. If it doesn't, the majority of used vehicles will offer the option for you to purchase an extended warranty. For an added peace of mind, you should strongly consider purchasing the extended warranty. This coverage will more than pay for itself in the event some component — like an air conditioning system or transmission — needs repair.

Should I Use a Trade-in or Sell My Vehicle Outright?
One of the most common questions we’re asked is “Won't I get more money if I sell my vehicle outright?” While selling your vehicle privately may appear to yield you more money, this isn’t typically the case. When you trade your vehicle in at Active Auto, the trade-in value may be subtracted from the actual sales price, and you'll only pay sales tax on the difference.
For instance, If you’re looking to purchase a used vehicle for $20,000 and do not have a trade, you’ll pay the effective sales tax rate on the entire $20,000. However, if you have a trade-in vehicle worth $10,000, you’ll only pay sales tax on the difference, which would be $10,000. When you add up the time savings, tax savings, and convenience of trading your vehicle in; it makes dollars and sense to trade instead of sell.

Should I Buy Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) Insurance?
GAP Insurance is extra protection designed to cover the value of your vehicle in the event you’re in an accident and suffer a total loss. If this happens, GAP insurance will pay the difference between what you owe on your auto loan vs what the vehicle is worth. Let’s say hypothetically you owe $24,000 on a vehicle, get in an accident and total it, but the market value comes in at $19,000. Your insurance company would only pay the market value of $19,000 to the lien holder, which means you would be on the hook for approximately $5,000. If you have GAP insurance, you wouldn’t owe the lien holder anything because this coverage would cover the gap.
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5 Common Used Car Buying Myths Debunked

According to Edmunds, used car sales reached an all-time high in 2017, amounting to nearly 40 million vehicles. That number might be even higher if it weren’t for some common myths that surround the used-car buying process. Here are a few we’d like to set the record straight on.

#1. Pre-owned vehicles should only be purchased with cash

The idea that you can only pay cash is one of the biggest misconceptions out there. The truth is quite the contrary, when you shop with us, we can assist you with financing so you can make the purchase you want without the worry. 

#2. Used vehicles all have something wrong with them

It’s true for any big purchase that you should take your time and look closely at what you’re purchasing. However, that doesn’t mean that used cars are in poor condition. The key is to buy from a reputable dealer who carefully inspects all their vehicles for quality. Here at Active Auto Sales, we thoroughly examine every automobile before placing it for sale on our lot. Those that do not meet our rigid standards do not cross onto our lot. 

#3. I’ll have to worry about major repairs because the vehicle is out of warranty

Just because you are buying an older vehicle does not mean you cannot purchase an extended warranty. However, you should keep in mind that the age and condition of your vehicle will play a part in its cost. The terms of each warranty also vary, as some will require a co-pay or deductible while others will not. Be sure you read the terms and conditions carefully to determine if a particular used car warranty is right for you.

#4. I’ll receive less for my trade-in than if I was purchasing a new car

Many consumers mistakenly believe that since used cars cost less, the amount that they receive for their trade-in will also be less. The truth is that trade-in value is based on the condition of your car, its resale value, and how much demand there is for it. These things do not change just because you are buying a pre-owned rather than a new model. If a salesperson tells you otherwise, run away because he or she is definitely not being truthful.

#5. Older cars lack modern features

Not all used vehicles are basic models. In fact, you can find many modern features such as adaptive cruise control, and built-in Wi-Fi. Some will even come with advanced safety mechanisms like lane-departure warnings, backup cameras and more. So just because you are in the market for a used vehicle does not mean you can’t enjoy advanced automotive technology.

These are just five myths we commonly deal with here at Active Auto Sales. If you have any other questions that you need answered to help you go through your car-buying journey more easily, our staff is always here to help.

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